Code of Ethics

The Code expresses the ethical commitments that always have characterized our corporate history and clearly define principles, rules and responsibilities to guarantee a sustainable behavior

We work in full compliance with the law and with high ethical and moral principles. Due to the complexity and variety of environments and cultures in which we operate and to better satisfy customer’s needs we have adopted a Code of Ethics. We strongly believe that the success of our company depends on the quality of services but also in the way services are provided. So it is necessary that management and staff act in accordance with the highest ethical and professional values.

It’s in our believe that a good conduct is good for business, as it increases corporate values and earns credibility and reputation. Through business decisions, individual behavior and an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, we always do the best to meet their expectations.

The principles enclosed in the Code of Ethics are complementary to law requirement and completely meet our mission and vision: ethical responsibility, customer focus, attention to change, entrepreneurial’ spirit and proactivity, passion for professional skills, team and cooperation.
We enhance a honest and fair way to do business and strive to build a respectful and merit system. All those who work for and on behalf of Termisol Termica – management, employees, suppliers – are called to know, share and observe the Code of Ethics. Employees and third parties acting on our behalf must comply with the highest levels of integrity and no one should be involved in corrupt practices and favoritism.

Respect for laws is a fundamental principle and is accomplished through appropriate organizational changes and the adoption of procedures and technology systems that allow prompt detection and transparency of operations.

We strive to ensure workplaces safe, healthy and satisfying, in which employees are treated fairly and with respect. We support personnel professional development and reward good performances. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, but on the contrary appreciate diversity – gender, age, culture, ethnicity, ability – because it represents the opportunity of changes and improvements.
Each employee is evaluated only for its expertise and motivation and is encouraged in participation and sense of responsibility.

Code of Ethics REV 03 (ENG)