Safety Training

Safety and health is of paramount importance

We believe that a strong Safety training as well as giving an in depth understanding of the safety opportunities are the best tools to prevent accidents and injuries.
Studies have shown that an effective training program can improve operator safety performance up to 70%. This is the reason why our training programmes meet and even exceed the current law requirements: we want to build a solid HSE Culture which acts mainly at the behavioral level. Safety is a collective interest and all our company members are required to actively participate. So it’s not just a fulfillment of law obligations, but a way to build and nurture a cultural approach to Safety that will lead to greater attention, critical thinking and empowerment.

Each employee follows tailor-made ​​programmes according to his professional profile. Everyone receives continuous information and education about risks and all the measures to prevent and remove them.

Termisol Termica’s training programmes are provided on a continuous and regular basis and include:

Our operational staff is trained and regularly retrained on: