Our Quality Management System complies with standards of ENI ISO 9001 since 1996

Complete dedication, flexibility and orientation to the customer are our top priority. So in order to improve competitiveness and to better meet our customer’s needs our Quality Policy has been included in an Integrated Management System. Through our Integrated Management System we also provide excellent work safety and extensive environmental protection.

The focal points of our Quality Policy is the clear determination of rules and responsibilities and standard operating procedures.
All procedures, wich include checks and inspections, and are planned to prevent, correct and monitor compliance of the objectives (technical requirements, deadlines, budget) , minime risk factor and make jobs faster. All working phases are processed, monitored and documented as well as subject to a final review. The PPE and all the materials we use in our operations are provided by selected companies wich has responded to quality, safety and sustainability criteria.

The main objectives of our Quality Policy are: