Safety culture

Nothing we do is so urgent or so important that we cannot do it safely

Safety is as important as productivity and we strongly believe that the best method to achieve our ZERO goal incidents is by creating and spreading a positive “Safety culture“.

Training is considered absolutely essential in the creation of a positive attitude to Safety. We invest significant resources into training facilities that provide all our employees with relevant technical and safety training. Each employee is an active part in the achieving of our safety goal: it is necessary for workers to be aware of the risks and know all the protective measures to be used in every kind of situation.
We consider a training process not only as a transfer of knowledge and skills, but as a learning in-depth a correct behavior. So we want our employees to work in a responsible manner in accordance with the company’s procedures, and learning to care for their own health and safety and also for other’s.

We support an open environment in which management, department heads and employees have the opportunity to an open communication and a participatory and proactive attitude. We also carry out regular toolbox talks, giving tailored instructions focused on the work they are carrying out.

Our Safety Strategy is made up by: